What to Look for in a Dubai Personal Assistant

There comes a time when you realize that you cannot do things on your own anymore and you need to hire a personal assistant to help you make sense of all the things you need to do. So once you accept this reality, how can you exactly go about looking for a good personal assistant and how can your hire one?

What to look for in your Dubai Personal Assistant

In general, a personal assistant is someone who has the logical mind when it comes to organizing things such as a person’s schedule, meetings, and corporate events that the supervisor, manager, or department needs to organize or keep track of. When looking for a good candidate for your Dubai personal assistant applicant, you should not worry too much about his or her degree in college. Most companies that hire PAs usually just require a 4-year university degree but if you want to be more precise, then you can advertise the specific field that you would like the applicant to have graduated from. There are employers who write Psychology, Business Management, Human Resources, etc. when narrowing down the candidates on their short list.

Another good thing to keep in mind when searching to hire your Dubai personal assistant is to of course look into his or her resume. If the candidate has actually had the experience to do some sort of assisting or administrative job, that would be a good sign to consider the applicant. Then during her or his interview, you can ask him or her more about that particular experience—what exactly did he or she do during that admin work, what types of tasks did she or he handled, how did he or she liked the job, etc. So the important thing is to short list them first then get to know them during the interview.


If you also want a personal assistant who you can rely on not just on paper work but also on matters where they need to talk to your guests or business partners, then you must absolutely find someone who has good communication skills. This means the PA can actually sustain or handle a conversation using the language you require, be able to be pleasing towards the visitors, and most of all be clever and sound well educated when speaking. You don’t need a magna cumlaude, but at least find someone who has graduated from a university or someone who has the natural ability to talk and listen to people, be accommodating and sensitive to their needs. If you have a PA with these qualities, you can have peace of mind when you leave the office and know that there is someone there who can speak for you, entertain your guests, and be polite to visitors who come to your office. It is always important to make a good first impression, so having a PA who is good at communication especially in business would really benefit you and your company and have a more meaningful time at her or his position.